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Homework – 15.11.13


Hello Class 6 This week we have been looking at the Hindu festival of Diwali.  Could you do some of your own research at home about Diwali and post a short paragraph all about the festival as a comment? If you can’t post a comment please bring your work into school. Use all your searching […]

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Class 6 Book Critics


LET’S KEEP READING! Plenty of you have already reviewed a book on the blog but don’t stop now!  If you are reading a book at home like me or you have a favourite book put a review on the blog. Start with the title and the author and then tell us all about it and […]

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Homework – 18.10.13


Hi Class 6 Your homework this week is to create a country fact file on any Asian country you like. Can you (If your struggling ask your parents to help you) download the sheet below its in blue and says homework.  This is a blank country fact file, your task is to use your internet […]

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