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What an exciting time it is in Class 6 at the moment, topped off with the introduction of Mathletics! 

Please visit and create yourself a profile, have a go at the multiplication and division ‘Are you Ready’ section before having a go at Mathletics Live on levels 1 and 2.

If you have any problems accessing the site please leave your questions here.  Also if you would like to challenge any of your classmates why not post on here.


Mr Dixon


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Yesterday we looked at how plants absorbed water and nutrients from the ground and carried them inside the stem.

We used celery and food colouring to show this, here is a picture of what we found.


What happened Class 6? Was your prediction correct?

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Time Travellers Homework


Class 6, please visit this link below and complete the World War 2 quiz.


Can you blog your score as a comment and add in an amazing fact about evacuation?  If you want to add any other amazing facts about World War 2 that would be fantastic.


Mr Dixon

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Time Travellers



Today we started to look at World War II in more detail, however we started our lesson with some of the questions we had about the war.  Here are some we came up with.

Which countries fought in the war? Was it every country involved?

What happened to German people in the war? Did they have gas masks?

Who was the leader of the British forces?

How many people were evacuated?

How many people died in World War II? 

When did the war start?

When did it end?

If you know any of the answers to these questions Class 6, why not post them as a comment below.

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Space What Did You Learn?


Hello Class 6

I hope you are having a wonderful half term holiday, we’ve actually seen the Sun once or twice!

I would love everyone to leave a comment below about Space and what you learn’t last half term.  Also of you still have any questions about space why not write those down too maybe we could look to answer them as a class, someone in our class might even know the answer.

Please leave your comments below!

Thanks Guys.

Mr Dixon


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Time Travel


We went to the cinema to watch Mr Peabody and Sherman. It is all about time travel. I like doing space but I can’t wait to do are new topic time travel! Time travel sounds really reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy cool!

What if we could time travel, I would go to Tudor times.Where would you go?


Class 6

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Safer Internet Day


Today we looked at how to use the internet safely. We looked at different ways of accessing the internet and how it can be used in a safe way.

What else did you learn about the internet children?



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Shoe Boxes


Dear Parent/Guardian

Sorry to send this message again as I know many of you have already done this. However as part of our design technology work this week we plan to create moving Aliens.  If you could possibly donate as many shoe boxes as possible that would be fantastic.

Many Thanks

Mr J. Dixon


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Today in Class 6 we began our pneumatics Design Technology work. We all started by looking at objects which need air to work before using syringes to see the real power of air.

Here are some photos of us this afternoon.



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French Ooh la la!


Please visit ‘Lets Parlez Francais’ As Mrs Sissons has posted a link to everyone’s favourite Tout en Haut.



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